Onondaga Lake Connections

a map of a possible route for the Loop the Lake trail
How can we connect the Creekwalk with the Lake Shore Trail that starts in Liverpool, to give Syracuse residents better access to Onondaga Lake? One solution that would avoid the problems with Murphy’s Island could connect destinations in the immediate area, such as the Farmers Market, Regional Transportation Center, and Destiny USA.  In fact, such a route almost exists already.

Good trail design provides connectivity between the places people are and the places they wish to go. We hope that will be implemented here.  Explore the trail sections around the southern shore of Onondaga Lake here:  Loop the Lake Route Analysis

The last plan in the public discourse that put the Loop the Lake trail across Murphy’s Island also required a two-mile long boardwalk in Onondaga Lake due to train tracks on the lakeshore.  Two major problems exist with this proposal. The south end of Onondaga Lake is affected by powerful ice scour during the winter, likely to compromise any structure, and scientists generally agree that further filling in of Onondaga Lake should be avoided.

While the Loop the Lake trail consists of largely continuous trail, the Creekwalk navigates many road crossings and provides strong connectivity between places people want to go. It would seem that taking a Creekwalk approach to the design of this section (which, for all intents and purposes, is a continuation of the Creekwalk) would make good sense.  There is already a “desire path” made by people between the Creekwalk and the Destiny USA parking lot, currently requiring people to cross the parking lot with zero pedestrian amenities. Good design of the Loop the Lake trail could safely connect all of these areas.

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