Santa takes a stand for Seneca Lake

Today, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their elves joined the blockade at We Are Seneca Lake and were arrested for trespassing.

Creating Change has been donating time to assist We Are Seneca Lake since they started their blockade in October.  This video was created by Lindsay Speer to provide to broadcast media, a successful strategy for campaigns occurring in small Upstate NY towns without local TV stations.

We Are Seneca Lake is a coalition of community members from throughout the Finger Lakes region engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience to stop the construction of new methane and LPG storage in unstable underground salt caverns on the shores of Seneca Lake.  Most of these people have spent years fighting this through all the legal channels.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the methane storage earlier this year.  We Are Seneca Lake have had over 170 arrests for trespassing, and are garnering national media attention.  They are bringing humor, dedication, and love as their only weapons.  It is an honor to help tell their story. You can learn more at

Happy Holidays from Creating Change!


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