Yesterday was a historic day.  New York State announced that it will ban fracking.  And the outpouring of joy is palpable throughout New York.

This movement grew from the grassroots up, in every little town across NY, and I have deep gratitude for the tens of thousands of people who organized across New York State to make this happen.  I am honored to have played a part in my work on behalf of the Onondaga Nation with Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation and ShaleshockCNY from 2009-2013, and it demonstrates the authentic power of grassroots-led movements.  But it could not have been done without the work of Frack Action and New Yorkers Against Fracking, which focused the grassroots energy into the political clout needed.  Creating Change is honored to have New Yorkers Against Fracking as a client at this historic time, and to be now helping organize people to go to Albany on January 7th for a celebration rather than a protest.

Protesters at the Crestwood fracked gas storage facility – approved for expansion by FERC – at Seneca Lake. This struggle is ongoing.

And yet, the fight is not over.  While we may not have fracking in New York, we are seeing impacts from the buildout of pipelines and gas storage facilities designed to get the fracked gas to “new markets.”  Creating Change is donating time to assist the incredible We Are Seneca Lake group with Twitter updates and same-day video clip production for the internet and news media.  They are fighting the massive expansion of propane, butane, and fracked methane gas in unstable salt caverns near Watkins Glen.  Another “unwinnable” fight.  May they prove everyone wrong, just as the fracking ban advocates did.


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